Cold drawn steel profiles: SIPA Spa’s manufacturing process.

The cold drawing process of steel consists in its plastic deformation and in the production of long steel bars in standard shape or complex profile.

This forming process is achieved thanks to the pressures produced by specific equipment and forming dies characterized by matrices of increasingly lower diameter. The semi-finished product undergoes several cold drawing steps. Each step coincides in the traction in the different dies and in the progressive reduction of the section, until required dimensions are reached.

Sipa SpA can rely on a strongly consolidated manufacturing process: a state-of-the-art steel drawing that guarantees dimensional accuracy and an excellent finish on the surface, which is the result of the right choice in the section reduction at each step.



The raw material (in bars or in coils) is prepared superficially by blasting and phosphating/soaping phases.

The semi-finished product (in bars or in rolls) is subsequently cold drawn through the various “steps” required.

The bars produced are cut to size and straightened, to obtain the straightness and flexure levels required.

From the optical projector to the static tension and hardness tests, our steel profiles are submitted to different dimensional and mechanical verification procedures.

The cold drawn profiles are packaged in bundles, protected bundles or wooden cases with methods predefined by SIPA or in accordance with our client’s requirements.


  • Batch sizes:subject to type of steel and shape. Possibility of batches of 500-1000 Kg on specific request and < 500kg batches for standard profiles.
  • Closer tolerances: minimum tolerance 0.05 mm
  • Roughness values: Ra 1.6 μm minimum
  • Maximum diameter of a profile outside rim: Ø 151 mm
  • Maximum length of the bars: on request
  • Maximum weight per meter: 30 kg/m
  • Minimum radius: R 0.20