Production process

Sipa SpA relies on a highly reliable production process: a state-of-the-art steel drawing process that guarantees dimensional accuracy and excellent surface finish, which is the result of choosing the reduction pass correctly.

The availability of cutting-edge machinery and plants, combined with the experience of its technical staff, allow Sipa to skillfully perform different process phases and offer customers a wide range of products.


The surface of the raw material (in bars or coils) is prepared by way of blasting and phosphating/soaping. These specific treatments bring the steel to optimal levels in terms of surface and mechanical properties and optimize them for subsequent operations.


The material (in bars or rolls) is formed by the force exerted by equipment and dies featuring holes with an increasingly narrower diameter. The semi-finished product requires several drawing “passes”, consisting of the tensile force applied on the dies and of the gradual reduction of the section, until reaching the required size.


The bars are cut to size and straightened to obtain the deformation and torsion parameters required. Specifically designed straightening lines are used that allow even the strictest requirements to be complied with.


From the optical projector to static tensile and hardness tests, our steel profiles undergo a number of dimensional and mechanical checking procedures.


The cold drawn profiles (in bars) are packaged in bundles, protected bundles or cases according to pre-established methods depending on the shape of the product or in accordance with our customer’s requests. They made be shipped by land, sea or air.

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