Calvi Network Special Steel Profiles: a global leader in the design and production of special steel profiles.

Calvi Network Steel Profiles is currently the world leader in the engineering and production of special steel profiles based on the customer’s design: a network of eight independent companies, operating in the main international markets.

Calvi Network’s raw materials, processes and technologies are the state of the art in the production of special steel profiles, both cold draw, hot extruded and cold/hot rolled.

All the companies part of Calvi Network Special Steel Profiles guarantee a specialized supply according to the specific needs of each industry, in terms of shape and mechanical and metallurgical properties. They also share the common goal of proposing themselves as the most efficient and effective leaders in the production of special steel profiles. Every day, the network pursues its goal through cooperation and operational and commercial competitiveness, and through the adoption of the most demanding quality systems.

Thanks to the highly qualified staff, this system is able to offer customers in every market customized solutions for every type of profiled bars, in different materials and for the most varied applications.