Our cold drawn products: very special profiles.

Sipa S.p.A. produces special cold drawn profiles according to the client’s design specifications.
Steel is a naturally eco-friendly, recyclable, highly robust material with excellent mechanical properties.
Sipa S.p.A. processes the main grades of steel. By using the cold forming technology, Sipa S.p.A. can limit surplus and waste as far as possible.

Therefore the cold drawn steel profiles by Sipa S.p.A. provide an effective and high-performing solution for a wide variety of applications, including applications that traditionally use other materials and technologies that are mistakenly considered better of more affordable. Our cold drawn profiles perfectly match our customers’ requirements and the specifications of their design, in terms of dimension, metallurgical and mechanical performance, structural consistency and surface cleanliness.


Download technical sheet “T-blocks”
Download technical sheet “Splined shafts – Cold drawn”