About us

Sipa SpA specializes in steel forming and in the cold drawing of custom-designed special profiles. It offers its highly qualified services both in the manufacturing phase and during key supply design and engineering stages.


The history of Sipa SpA has evolved over a path of constant growth and development, with quality and focus on customers being its main strengths. This effective approach has taken both the company and the SIPA brand to a leading position in the global secondary steel processing industry.


The first plant is opened and the first profile drawn.


Initial investments in technology: in-house construction of cold drawing dies through wire erosion process.


Purchase and development of the first self-owned plant and implementation of machines with Schumag drawing benches and sand blasters.


Sipa SpA joins Calvi Network Special Steel Profiles and starts new strategic and operational partnerships with other leading Italian and international companies operating in the field.


Extension of the company headquarters and production area following the results achieved on the market.


Sipa SpA reaches an important milestone: 25 years in business. It celebrates this anniversary with all of its people and stakeholders.


The sales offices move to the Calvi Holding headquarters in Agrate Brianza (MB), making it easier to optimize synergies and strengthen cooperation with other Calvi network companies.


Flexibility and customer service 4.0.


Steel processing is what we are obsessed with

Steel is at the heart of Sipa’s business: the hardest yet the most flexible material to work with.

Ranging from the company’s business activities to the professional expertise of all its people (including technicians, office workers, the sales team and management), the dedication and passion expressed on a daily basis by all of us at Sipa SpA is summarized in the concept of Steel Life. Steel regarded not only as a job, but as a lifestyle.


It is with this spirit that Sipa SpA supports its customers every day in creating the best tailor-made solutions in terms of special profiles.



Utmost dimensional accuracy

Customized processing, spanning from design to production, to meet customer requirements, with painstaking accuracy.


Cost reduction

Use of raw materials and labor according to actual process requirements, avoiding production surplus.


Small batches

Possible purchase of small amounts of profiles, avoiding excessive or undesired stocks and reducing investments in plants and production facilities.



Versatility when processing highly complex shapes

Producing small amounts makes it more effective for the customer to manufacture different types of profiles and mini-series.

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