Sipa: a historically flexible partner

Sipa S.p.A. manufactures cold drawn special steel profiles. We are an experienced partner for our customers both in the production stage and in the key steps of designing and engineering. Sipa S.p.A.‘s history tells of the constant pursuit of growth and development. Our main strengths are focus on quality and a customer-oriented approach, that have resulted in both company and its brand achieving a leading position on global markets for steel processing activities.

1981: foundation of the first manufacturing site and first profile drawn.

1982: initial investments in technology; in-house construction of cold drawing dies through wire erosion process.

1993: purchase and development of the first self-owned plant and installation of machinery with Schumag drawing benches and sand blasters.

2003Sipa S.p.A. joins Calvi Network Special Steel Profiles; new opportunities for strategic and operational partnerships with other national and international companies operating in this field.

2005: a new manufacturing site is built thanks to the results achieved on the market. Extension of the headquarters.

2006: an important milestone, 25 years of business, dedicated to our people and celebrated together with all our stakeholders.

2012: the sales offices move to the Calvi Holding headquarters in Agrate, in order to optimise synergies and to strengthen the cooperation with other companies in the Calvi Network.